Learning to take care of your insides as much as our outsides is more important than you think.

Feeding your body high quality and nutritionally dense foods & products will not only help you physically but will continue to help that GLOE UP we're all trying to achieve.

Hi! I'm Erica Lugo!

In a world full of supplements, vitamins, and quick fixes many have asked me “Why? Why did you come out with supplement products?"

Simple. Because I care.





Stress & motility support


A daily jump start to your day

Energy & mental focus support


Delicious, stimulant-free preworkout

Mood & hormone support


Support for a healthy mood & appetite

Mood & hormone support


Healthy mood, hormone & appetite support

Energy & mental focus support


Stimulant-free preworkout

Erica Lugo - FitLoveFuel

"I understand your struggles, and I’m here to help you overcome them!

I went from having an eating disorder and weighing 322 pounds…to losing over 150 pounds, becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and overcoming thyroid cancer.

You might know me from my time as a trainer on USA Networks’ The Biggest Loser. I have helped contestants and countless others start their journeys and change their lives, and now I’m going to help you change yours!

Because transforming your life doesn’t have to be complicated."

- Erica Lugo, Owner FitLoveFuel


ShowUp is a next-level pre-workout product that does not contain stimulants. This advanced formula helps provide sharper mental focus, clarity, and improved energy while also improving your pump in the gym.†


MoodUp is your Nutritional Support for Healthy Mood, Appetite, and Neurotransmitters. Moodup is an advanced formula designed to regulate mood and hormone levels throughout your body via neurotransmitters.